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in Pandava fire on Dofus Touch benefits from a fairly complete set of spells. This guide will help you choose your Fire Panda gear based on your level. If you want to change classes, you’ll find everything you need in our detailed guide to Dofus Touch classes.

Last updated: May 2022

A guide to properly filling his fire pandava on the Dofus Touch

Don’t forget that if you are subscribed to the elite package, you can reset your stats between each battle. Tailor your stats to your content and your goal, always prioritizingIntelligencethen Vitality.

Pandava is special. However, he has the opportunity to win back a little all the elements.

1 on 1 1 on 2 1 on 3
Viability 0 to ∞
Wisdom 0 to ∞
Strength from 0 to 50 from 50 to 200 200 to ∞
Intelligence from 0 to 50 from 50 to 200 200 to ∞
Chance from 0 to 50 from 50 to 200 200 to ∞
Agility from 0 to 50 from 50 to 200 200 to ∞
Between 0 and 50 Strength, 1 attribute point is worth 1 point. Between 50 and 200 Strength, 1 attribute point is worth 2 points, and so on.

Therefore, in order to play Fire Pandawa on DOFUS Touch, it is recommended to install up to 350 points in Intelligence. Then adapt your stats, for example by increasing Vitality.

As for spells, some of them will be brought up to 6th level as soon as possible. Others will have to climb levels 2, 3, or 4, or not climb at all.

Basic spells (level 6)
Booze – Flaming Fist – Bamboo Milk – Karcham – Vertigo – Stabilize – Chamrak – Desecrate – Vulnerable – Wrath of Zatoishwan – Explosive Flask – Pandanlku

Secondary Spells
Liberation – Flamish – Cavot – Horror – Spiritual Link – Drunkenness

If you don’t play Dofus Touchthis guide also exists for Dofus and Dofus Retro.


With update 1.54 at the beginning of 2022, set and item bonuses from 1 to 200 have been improved. Thus, some items have become much more important and more interesting for your material.

Level 20

Red Pivi Ring Mind Ring Red Pivi Amulet Initiate’s Hammer Red Pivi Sandals Travel Agency Shield Red Pivi Cloak Red Pivi Belt Red Pivi Hat Dofava

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Level 40

Prespica’s Ring Bouz Le Clerc’s Ring Gobbol’s Amulet Gobbol’s Hammer Travel Agency Boots Shield Puff Cape Gobbol’s Belt Gobbol’s Headpiece Dofava

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Level 60

Gelano Cherry Blop Ring Cherry Amublop God Cherry Bloptes Gobball Shield Jules Cloak Yanos Cherry Blopture Royal Gobball Headpiece Junior Scholar Junior Fire Destroyer Junior Fire Destroyer Junior Survivor Insightful Examiner Dragoturkey Plum and Emerald

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Level 80

Royal Cherry Blop Ring Gelano Royal Cherry Amublop God Rod Royal Cherry Bloptes Pandava Shield Cloak of Jules Janos Belt of the Winds Royal Gobball Headpiece Junior Scholar Junior Survivor Junior Fire Destroyer Junior Fire Destroyer Junior Astute Explorer Drago Turkey Plum and Emerald

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Level 110

Gelano Blopanno Royal Morello Wassoulette Wand of Limbo Fossil Boots Fossil Boar Cloak Powerful Dazzling Belt Bekil Savant Stormy Explorer Fire Breaker Fire Stealer Clever Dragoturkey Plum and Emerald

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Level 130

Gelano Blopanno Royal Morello Cherry Amulet of Limbo Wand of Limbo Fossil Boots Fossil Boar Cloak Royal Mast Belt Royal Mastogeb Headdress Rebel Scholar Examiner Fire Breaker Fire Breaker Smart Drago Turkey Plum and Emerald

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Level 150

Infernano Gelano Minototh Necklace Celestial Wand of the Limbo Varaji Thug Fluffy Shield Sky Thug Cloak Sky Thug Belt Voodoo Mask Master Archer Scholar Master Fire Destroyer Turbulent Master Fire Destroyer Chief Sly Dofus Crimson Dragoturkey Plum and Emerald

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Items for THL Fire Pandawa on Dofus

Proud of its positioning and tanking abilities, Pandawa shines both alone and in a team. He benefits from useful spells regardless of the situation and especially in PvM, where he is undoubtedly one of the main classes. Can be played from a distance or in close combat, everything is viable with Panda, drunk or not.

Level 190

Wand of Limbo is a great Gelano alternative that allows you to be more flexible in your choice of items. We are based here on the Nileza or Padgref sets. They offer either great resistance, intelligence and initiative, or pure damage. You will also be able to find Xa items after the 1.54 update, bringing the AP object to the end and offering a bit of flexibility.


Poacher’s Ring Gelano Clectic Necklace Limbo Wand Poacher’s Boots Thrull Shield Hunter Shield Ink Veil Sliding Nose Poacher’s Helm Major Sly Turbulent Major Fire Destroyer Dofus Crimson Major Scholar Major Firestealer Dragoturkey Plum and Emerald

Gelano Padgref’s Ring Nileza’s Amulet Professor Xa Geta Padgref’s Shovel Hunter’s Shield Frimatura Ink Veil Padgref’s Stormy Headdress Master Scholar Dofus Crimson Dofus Turquoise Chief Sly Dofus Emerald Plum and Dragoturkey Emerald

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Level 200

For other levels, please select things for your budget. Accept at least one of each category (Damage, Recovery or Survival, 12/5) to be most effective. Moreover, with a small starting amount, it is also quite possible to develop along the way. Start with a set of inexpensive equipment, complete some quests, add items and get over time objects to make changes. As a player without too much income, don’t resell your stuff! They can serve you later or in variations.


Here you can find kits with several possibilities of adaptation according to your wishes for removal or damage. There is nothing stopping you from adding exos, removing them, replacing an AP item, etc. Again, don’t rely on one set to win every fight and build your own item library.


Padgref’s Ring The Mississ Alliance Coiled Amulet Secular Bow Corrupted Bow Boots of Hyum Shield Bearer’s Cloak Ofler Secular Belt Society Headpiece Traveler Crimson Dofus Dofus Ice Dofus Stormy Turquoise Dofus Qualtess

Phantom Reaver’s Wedding Band Glorson’s Ring Nileza’s Amulet Corrupted Bow Phantom Reaver’s Boots Carrier’s Shield Ink Veil Ancient Belt Phantom Reaver’s Mask Ice Dofus Emerald Dofus Crimson Dofus Turquoise Dofus Dolmanax Ochre Qualtess Dofus

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