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Additional Information / 07.07.2022

Mayol Cairo

In 1906, Felix Feneon created a column in a daily newspaper. Morning titled “News in three lines”. His briefings never exceed – as their name suggests – three lines… but they have the impressive power of a five-page text! And that’s what made them legendary.

Here are three examples:

It was very hard for Renault to take the risk of being within shooting range of Professor Talamas, who was hunting in Gamba. At this hour he dies. »

“Too many people say, ‘I’ll cut off your ears!’ Wasson of Issy did not say a word to Bilouet, but squeezed him out well and sincerely. »

“Involuntarily, on the swing of Miss Lavelin, from Nancy, an infantryman was swinging. Fatal fall from a height of four meters. »

In January 2017, the genius of Feneon inspired us to write the section “Le mot de la fin”. Short text. Always informative. The bearer of the original or surprise. Funny – as much and as often as possible – but sometimes serious. Candy hidden on the last page gallop dayhence the title “The Last Word”.

May one day a good horse bear the name of Felix Feneon.

Last word, book can be purchased at for 15 euros.

Over 200 pages of pure racing glee

“Words of the End” gallop day has produced about 2000 pieces since the launch of this section in 2017. But, JDG, no one is engaged in the profession of editor of the Word of the End. It’s all and no one, a collective effort.

Selecting the ones that seemed to us the best “Last Words” turned out to be a real headache. In the end, we chose 161 of them, over 200 pages of pure horse racing glee that we’re sure will delight horse racing enthusiasts, but not only. Timeless or written under the influence of burning topicality, it is, of course, always about races, but from different points of view: history, culture, economics, politics … Thus, throughout the book, the reader will move from Marcel Boussac, François Mate or even Phil Bull, the inventor of Timeform and ratings, Diego Maradona, Jim Morrison, Andy Warhol and even Mary Poppins… Incredible Italian minimum weight jockey Giovanni Forte and his 40kg will share the spotlight with legendary heavyweight boxer George Foreman, a huge fan rider and who said after visiting males Coolmore America Justify and American Pharoah: I wish I was that close to the Secretariat! »…Waiting to receive the book and delight you with other stories, we invite you to re-read some of the nuggets we have extracted from Concluding remarks, Book.

When it comes to annual races…

“Sometimes reality surpasses imagination: one-year races really existed. In 1788, Newmarket organized an event for them over 600 meters. But he was quickly abandoned … due to the lack of starters. In 1856, a race intended for this age group was scheduled at Shrewsbury Racecourse – in the West Midlands – a racecourse that has since been eaten up by urbanization. In the super-early competition, the filly Heroin won. However, in 1859 the Jockey Club put an end to these experiments: the age of galloping has since been 2 years. Although we did not race until the age of 4 in 1727 across the Channel, since 1770 most of the horses trained at Newmarket were already 3 and 4 years old.

We tend to think that the racing program has long been set in stone. Nothing is less true. As with one-year proofs, it has been the subject of numerous experiments. Thus, the first Epsom derby was organized in 1780 at a distance of 1700 meters! »

When it comes to a Japanese girl with an unpronounceable name…

“This filly terrifies Japanese race commentators: Sumomomomomomomomomo! Wordplay – mo? between peach and plum. Eight “mo”, no more, no less! Sumomomomomomomomomo competes at the National Racing Association circuit: in November 2021, in his twelfth run, he set his record in Oi (very short!). The commentators must have shuddered when they saw her about to engage in the final showdown… but they managed to get her name right a few times.

Sumomomomomomomomomo joins the list of horses with an unpronounceable name. Recently in France we had Taka Takata Kataka, who at a gallop could cause a lot of trouble. Or, on the other hand, Eyjafjallajokull, the name of the Icelandic volcano that paralyzed air traffic after the eruption. But among the unusual names, one of our favorites is Arrrr, an American horse named after the screams of pirates. He has won three times and commentator Tom Durkin has always gone out of his way to comment on the races, as you can see by watching the action on YouTube. Go ahead, this is to die for! »

As for hamsters…

“The FMD outbreak has led to the cancellation of Cheltenham and many Anglo-Irish meetings in early 2020. No racing for a few days? Not! Bookmakers are not unimaginative. Due to the lack of horses, the players were eligible to race … hamsters!

It was bookmaker Bluesquare who launched the first competition of cute little rodents placed on their familiar wheels that are built into small cars. And forward paws! With the encouragement of the public, our hamsters compete at a distance of five meters … And there is no shortage of tension, because if the hamster loves to pedal, he does not necessarily know which way he should go and can quickly reverse gear! Bluesquare was a hit with their little critters, and the winner was awarded a piece of avocado.

The bookmaker did not get into incredible races on the first try. In 2000, he set record rates in the race … snails. After the enticing of the United Kingdom, guinea pig racing developed in Asia and the United States. Even with disabled hamsters! »

As for spelling…

“One of the great joys of imprisonment will be spending time with our offspring… And, for the luckiest of us, those with small children, to temporarily replace our school teacher. “Horses, horses” is a mistake that often pops up in the mouths of the smallest. The error of the French, which, however, is not so great as that which can even be justified. Indeed, as Homeric explains to us in his excellent horse dictionary, which we encourage you to read more than ever, wine was not alone centuries ago. In the Middle Ages, the plural of the word “horse” was indeed “horses”. It was the scribes of that time who began to put X instead of hpto save time in your work. Which then gave chevax for horses in the plural. To get the horses, all they had to do was add some shade! – By the way, a very good mnemonic is to get horses. CQFD! »

Last word, book can be purchased at for 15 euros.


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