Desjardins Entreprise presents: Hamster, business stationery

Desjardins Entreprise presents: Hamster, business stationery

Papeterie advertising owner in Val d’Or, Amos and Malartic, Jean-Philippe Allard, is proud of his new acquisition in the summer of 2020. As his first entrepreneurial experience, he acquired a well-established company in Abitibi in the region since 1966. He joined a team of 46 experienced employees, some of whom have been in the business for over 25 years. From the outset, Mr. Allard could count on the support of Desjardins Business in several aspects of his acquisition. “Desjardins Business helped me put together a financial plan when I purchased it. The financial stakes are not easy and they have helped me optimize the various sources of funding that I could benefit from.”

One of the first problems after the acquisition was the relocation of the premises to Amos. The company is currently located in new, more spacious and functional premises adapted to their growing needs. “Desjardins Business also supported us in our decision to move. They provided us with the necessary financial support to purchase new equipment and to furnish our premises. Their experience in this area was very helpful to us! Mr Allard says.

Among the challenges ahead, commercial office supplies also wants to strengthen its online presence. The process has already begun. “Our experience here lies in the unparalleled customer service offered by our team. This new web platform will take to the next level what we can offer our loyal customers.” Mr. Allard would like to warmly thank his dedicated team and Desjardins Enterprise for the trust placed in him!

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