Beauval Zoo: 15 days after birth, panda cubs are fine but remain under observation

Fifteen days after the highly publicized birth of two panda cubs at the Zoo Beauval in Saint-Aignan in the Loire, Cher France Blue decided to go there to listen to them. Recall that on the night of August 1-2, two new inhabitants appeared in the zoo with an area of ​​40 hectares: two panda twins by name – bye -“cotton flower” as well as “little snow“.

Both babies have been doing well since then. The two twins now weigh over 300 grams each and their mom Juan Juan takes very good care of it. All three are not visible to the public at the moment, except for dad. yuanzi and older brother Yuan Meng (born in 2017) are present. Usually the two little ones are expected to greet visitors in December or January, and in the meantime the zoo has installed screens to hear them live.

The zoo has several screens so that visitors can see the daily life of newborns live. © Radio France
Kathleen Comte

A very good idea for Elodie, who comes with her family from the Parisian region.”indeed, we would like to see them, but we know they are too fragile, so it’s good that we compensated for this with a camera that we can see how they develop a little compared to what we see on TV.

“We are reassured, but we do not lower our vigilance”

As you can see in the video, two twins have already changed a lot in two weeks. They now have a few hairs and the colors are starting to show. Both eat well and are weighed before and after each meal. But even if everything seems to be under control,All three are still being watched closely. as Antoine Leclerc, who worked as a veterinarian at the Beauval Zoo for seven years, explains:monitoring is still very important. There are always people in the building. In 2017, childbirth was more difficult. There we are reassured, but vigilance is not reduced.”

And Antoine Leclerc in continuation”,they are quiet, away from the public. Juan Juan takes very good care of his children, feeding is going very well. We see that now she is already an experienced female and that this is not her first pregnancy.

You must know that a panda is an animal that will weigh 1000 times their birth weight as it can weigh up to 120 kg as an adult, while at birth it weighs only about 120 grams. Another feature, at the moment, two twins have temporary names, their final names will be chosen in November during a naming ceremony. in cooperation and partnership with China. In 2017, Yuan Meng’s godmother, Brigitte Macron, chose her name.

The panda gave us identity – Samuel Leroux, director of the zoo

And if the zoo makes all these efforts, then, of course, because panda is the star of the stage as Samuel Leroux, director of the zoo, explains:there is a “panda mania” in Beauval, we will not hide it. We are lucky to have this exclusivity. This animal, which attracts both children and adults, has become our symbol. Panda allowed us to have a personality. Today we are a zoo where pandas live. Boval are pandas.”

However, Samuel reminds that while pandas are very important to the zoo, they are not the only animals. The zoo is home to dozens of other species and has already celebrated the birth of others (giraffes, manatees, koalas…). The zoological park also offers other attractions: shows, as well as a dome that allows visitors to enjoy the park in winter. It is also possible to visit this place by cable car, this is the only zoo in France that offers this.

Finally, let me remind you sanitary pass you need to get to Beauval. If your vaccination schedule is not full, please be aware that the zoo offers antigen entry test.

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