Angora Rabbit Mistreatment: One Voice Files Complaint

In 2016, the One Voice association warned of the appalling conditions of angora rabbits on a French farm. Despite the urgency of the situation, this breeder, located in the Loire-Atlantique, continues to brutalize rabbits by pulling out their hair without concern for their well-being. Once again, One Voice appears, which has initiated two new procedures in France and in the European Union.

seven years ago Association “One Voice” (animal rights activist) conducted an undercover investigation breeder of angora rabbits in the Loire-Atlantique.. Investigators on site was shocked. To remove hair, rabbit breeders tied rabbits to wooden planks. stretching and stretching legsand pulled out their hair with a comb. A real torture for these animals, which screaming in pain and tried to run away. The rabbit is usually a very cautious animal that only uses its voice in case of extreme danger, which is indicative of the rampage of this breeding.

These angora rabbits are being tortured to get their wool back. Credit: One vote

To expose and condemn these atrocities, One Voice released its survey to the general public and broadcast images of rabbit conditions in 2018 and 2020. Despite this, the breeding of angora rabbits continues and Nothing changed. In this operation only rabbits botherbecause they have the most hair. Males are killed shortly after birth.. We think that 170 rabbits locked up for life in cages and are wax several times a year.

The first steps were unsuccessful.

Following this investigation, One Voice asked the Minister of Agriculture and Food toban depilation of rabbits to collect hair, and the sale and purchase of products containing rabbit hair. However, the ministry implicitly denied the request organization that took over the Council of State by compiling a damning report on poor conditions for angora rabbits. The request was also denied, as the authorities maintained that the rabbits were not harmed.

On June 11, 2020, One Voice filed a new complaint against the French state with the European Commission. Purpose: for rabbits to be raised in good conditions and that their welfare is respected. Unfortunately, the case is closed.

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Two new procedures to save angora rabbits

However, One Voice is not going to close the case. Deeply marked by these mistreatment of angora rabbitsThe Association met with Professor Donald Maurice Broom, biologist and professor of animal welfare at the University of Cambridge. Referring to the Good Practice Guidelines of the Poultry Technical Institute (ITAVI), the professor confirmed that the result is final.

“The evidence in the ITAVI handbook, photographs, videos and scientific literature testify to the existence several serious welfare concerns for angora rabbits in all farms engaged in combing and plucking hair”he declared.

Indeed, Angora rabbits should not be treated in this way: lifting them by their hair or ears and tying their feet is unacceptable. acts of violence. Rabbits must be sedated before and during collection of their hairwhich should be cut, not tear.

One Voice launches two procedures in France and the EU to save angora rabbits. Credit: Radio France / Luc Chemla

From December 18, 2020 legal texts have evolved in favor of animal welfare and included a new ban. ” He forbidden to any person who, for any purpose, raises, keeps or keeps domestic animals or wild animals, domesticated or kept in captivity […] apply selection methods that can cause unnecessary animal suffering taking into account the sensitivity of the respective species and the physiological stage of the animals.can be found in the Rural and Marine Fisheries Code.

Thanks to Professor Broome’s report and the Rural and Marine Fisheries Code, One Voice has decided return to crenel one more time by running two procedures. The association filed a complaint about the infringement with the Court of Justice of the European Union and filed a preliminary appeal with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

One Voice Raises Public Awareness

To make his request heard, One Voice published petition to protect angora rabbits. Last weekend, the association also organized several outreach events in sixteen French cities. In Lyon, activists took to the streets with signs of shock and went to meet passers-by to explain the situation to them.

Locked up and isolated in little cages, their clavier will last for many years, interspersed with waxing sessions that are as painful as they are frightening. Hearing squealing rabbits getting waxed during our first infiltration investigation, after the images discovered in 2018 and again in 2020, we can only resent once more to blindness and deathly silence our authorities »activists said.

Demonstrations organized by One Voice activists also took place in Annecy and Nice. Disguised as rabbits, the volunteers simulated the plucking of rabbit hair to draw attention to this cruel act and to encourage more people to act for the benefit of angora rabbits.

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