Alpine A4810, Fiat Panda, Jeep Compass

Alpine A4810, a completely insane project by design students, Fiat Panda production extended to 2026, not forgetting to test drive a Jeep Compass e-Hybrid, looking back at the automotive news of recent days.

Alpine A4810 by IED, Summit

For such a project, it was necessary to take the height. Imagine the Alpines of the future, sure to draw inspiration from their source, the Alps, and look up to their highest point, Mont Blanc. Hence the name of this supercar A4810, in connection with the height of the peak – within a few meters. This Alpine, the result of a collaboration between the manufacturer and the Italian design school IED, which intends to be the prototype of the “super berlinetta” of 2035, is not only a computer study, but also an already released model. Sports measurements, borrowing from Formula 1, just two seats and a hydrogen power unit. The peak of audacity to prepare for tomorrow.

Fiat Panda, heyday of the forties

She is older than Turbo, but like Turbo, is still around. And like Turbo, she has no desire to leave the pavement, like Panda. The Fiat Panda is now 42 years old and still the star and best selling car in Italy. His secret? Very little change in the continuity of what it has always been: a simple car to drive, as to live, at a very discreet price. The mild-hybrid version saw the light of day two years ago, the sporty trim last year, and other touches are sure to arrive by 2026 when production expands.

Young and independent, dear freedom

It is a sad observation that the main victims of traffic accidents are young people. Almost half of the accidents involved 18-24-year-olds, although they account for only a quarter of the kilometers travelled. A recent study shows that the risk is mainly associated with young men seeking self-assertion and self-building. We are talking about speed in almost every second crash that affects this age group, and loss of attention mainly due to a smartphone. However, for young people, a car remains an essential element of freedom, and obtaining a driver’s license is one of the first steps towards adulthood.

TEST / Jeep Compass e-Hybrid

Jeep Compass loves spring. Just a year ago, it benefited from a restyling that mainly touched the interior, and today from a new, unprecedented hybrid engine. A 1.5 liter 4-cylinder unit coupled to a small electric motor developing 130 hp, the main advantage of which is the limitation of CO2 emissions and therefore the limitation of the fine, while still achieving a measured consumption of less than 7 liters per 100 km. A small apartment, marked by our expert – who has a Compass in his eye, the price of a car. The spirit of the jeep remains.


4×4 in the city take up space. Many places. The problems inherent in this type of vehicle in an urban environment are numerous, starting with their size, which makes it difficult for them to park easily on the surface and does not allow them to have any access to underground car parks. On the other hand, it offers the driver some advantages: he no longer has to worry about priority or traffic lights. This gigantic Hummer also undermines some conventional wisdom, including the widespread belief that it will be dangerous for pedestrians. If you do not measure more than 2.50 meters. The oversized vehicle has just joined the 4WD Museum in the United Arab Emirates.

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