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Your Adventure was born out of a collaboration between various educational success partners who realized that there were few tools available to promote reading among young people aged 6 to 16. In addition, they wanted young people to be aware of the pleasure of reading so that they could develop their reading habits. We can now say that mission accomplished because over the past three years, has been visited by more than 55,000 readers!

Stories and more…

This unique website offers a dozen adventures, divided into 30 chapters, where readers are the heroes! Different themes are used for different age groups (6-9 years old, 9-12 years old and 12 years old and over).

Registration is easy! An account can be created for both a young person and an organization; thus, reading can be done individually or in groups. When a child starts reading a story, they have access to one chapter per day to develop their reading habits. However, organizations have access to all chapters to encourage group reading.

To mark the fourth year of Your Adventure, three new stories have been added to the platform: corn maze , Sleepless night and In the labyrinths of the city.This new edition is completely Lanaude! The latest adventure was written by Annie Gravel, a writer based in our beautiful region. Moreover, the illustrator of the last two stories, André Martel, is also from Lanaudière.

Various tools and options have been added to to improve the user experience:

  • Questions arise as you read and encourage discussion between children and their parents;
  • The eye-tracking audio track allows children to listen and read the story as they follow the color-changing words. Two speeds are available to match their reading rhythm;
  • Texts and images are arranged in such a way as to make reading easier for all age groups;
  • It is possible to register more than one child using the same email address;
  • Available definitions for some of the target words accompany the texts;
  • Young people can print their own version of the adventure;
  • And more!

To make group readings even more fun, facilitators or speakers can refer to the facilitator’s guide on the website. They also have access to the Games & Entertainment section, which offers fun ideas like “reading and cooking!” or “intersecting words” and “science experiments”. In addition, a “Tips and Tricks” section is available for families to help young people enjoy reading.

A tool that can reduce the loss of academic achievement!

During the summer holidays, young people tend to be less exposed to learning. That is why most of them are subject to the “summer slide” phenomenon. Periods of long interruption in learning lead to a significant loss of educational achievement. Access to books and informal developmental activities during the summer break can help keep that knowledge alive. “Your Adventure” is a relevant tool because it encourages the enjoyment of reading while reducing the “summer slide” effect.

Competition to motivate youth

Last May, the Regional Committee for Enhanced Value in Education (CREVALE) launched the fourth edition of the Your Adventure competition. Young people who wish to participate must write a story by August 31st. In addition to earning a certificate of perseverance, they have a chance to win one of 12 prize packages, which may include scholarships from the Desjardins caisss of Lanaudière, books, board games, cultural or educational activities, and more. Groups that start the story are also eligible for the competition. By participating, they have a chance to win vouchers for Hamster + Le Papetier Le Libraire.

CREVALE wishes you a great summer and invites you to visit the Tonaventure website!

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