5 things to know before taking one

While dogs and cats are much more common in French homes, rabbits also make great pets. Why choose a rabbit? Where and how to take? What breed to choose? Explanations.

Naturally soft and lively rabbits are pets very grateful. Adopting a rabbit involves a number of responsibilities and things to be aware of. To best welcome your new pet, here are 5 things to know before you get started.

Why take rabbit ?

Rabbits are included in the new pet category (NAC). In this category we also find a ferret, a hamster, as well as a snake and a bird.

Calm and reserved, rabbits are very popular with parents and children for their easy temper. This does not mean that rabbits require less attention than others.

The rabbit is an animal that asks little space. However, he should benefit from a living space adapted to his size and needs. In addition, it is recommended to let him out of the cage from time to time.

Finally, like a chicken, a rabbit the animal is very green “. He feeds on your skins, vegetables and fruits. However, be careful, the rabbit is a very greedy animal, it will be necessary to regulate his diet to avoid the risk of obesity.

Where to get a rabbit?

There are different ways to find the perfect rabbit:

At the shelter: shelters welcome abandoned rabbits, it is often rare to find young rabbits, but still possible. Please note that it is also possible to take rabbits of any age.

On the farm : They can breed multiple breeds and produce multiple litters each year.

At the pet store : you can find rabbits of different breeds coming from farms.

For an individual: In general, finding ads on the Internet is not difficult. Be careful to take a few precautions to ensure your rabbit is in good health.

What breed of rabbit to choose?

Rabbits are pets 5 categories recognized by the FFC (French Rabbit Federation).

  • Dwarf races: Very popular with children, they weigh between 800g and 1.7kg.
  • Small breeds: the weight of such rabbits varies from 2 to 3.5 kg. The FFC currently recognizes 17 breeds.
  • Medium breeds: their weight can reach up to 5.5 kg. As a rule, they are more durable and solid.
  • Large breeds: considered the largest and largest, they can reach 11 kg on the scale at 80 cm in length.
  • fluffy breeds : This category includes breeds that were once bred for their fur.

4 races of gnomes

  • Ermine or Polish
  • Stoat from Lutterbach
  • Off-white ash dwarf
  • lion head rabbit

4 small breeds

  • Pearl Fe
  • Little Aries
  • Dutch
  • sable rabbit

4 medium breeds

  • English Aries
  • White banks
  • Viennese blue
  • burgundy fauvist

4 main breeds

  • Giant of Flanders
  • French Aries
  • White giant Buska
  • Giant French Butterfly

4 fluffy breeds

  • french angora
  • Rex
  • A fox
  • satin

What are the costs of adopting a rabbit?

There really is no rule about price domestic rabbit. It can vary from single to double depending on the place of adoption, breed and age of the rabbit. Dwarf breeds tend to be the most expensive.

If you want to do a good deed and pay the costs of adoption at a lower cost, knowing that your rabbit will be healthy, it is better to contact the association.

How to properly prepare for the arrival of a rabbit ?

In order to best accommodate your rabbit at home, you will need equip. Here is a partial list of items you can buy:

  • Rabbit pen, cage or park : It should be a good size and match the size of your rabbit.
  • Litter A: There are many types on the market. You can choose hemp, flax, straw or shavings.
  • Food : the rabbit needs an adapted food, but you can also eat hay, vegetables, fruits.
  • Toys : these accessories will not let your rabbit get bored.

Adopting an animal is a commitment, a decision that you will have to consider carefully. Before you begin, feel free to contact your veterinarian or your nearest shelter. They will be able to give you their advice on the breed of rabbit that will suit you best.

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