4 tips to avoid boredom on long trips

Everyone loves to relax. But there are often many hours between departure and arrival. If before departure the excitement and joy were still great, then in a more or less long term, gaping boredom often sets in. If you’re traveling alone, it’s often not as dramatic because it’s the perfect time to listen to exactly the kind of music you like. You can also choose to read an audiobook at the same time. But the situation is quite different if you are traveling with several people. In this case, fighting boredom is not so easy. Adult passengers, for example, have an ideal opportunity to visit the Casino777 casino and have a good time. But young children and even teenagers also need age-appropriate activities to keep them from getting bored.

Tip #1: Keep the kids busy

Indeed, depending on the length of the road trip, it’s better to have a good plan to keep the kids busy for a long time, especially if it’s a big trip across Europe, for example. True, today’s children already have a mobile phone that can play games, but this activity is more suitable for shorter periods of time, because constantly staring at a small screen can quickly cause a headache or nausea.

But there are other ways to sensibly and usefully keep children in the car and drive away boredom. Today, there are DVD players specifically designed for use in the car. Appropriate screens are easily attached to the headrests of the front seats. Children should be responsible for choosing DVDs at home. After all, there are always favorite films. Time flies very fast here. However, it is important to think about the right headphones so that other passengers are not at all disturbed by what is happening in the back seats.

Tip 2: Rest breaks are important

Car trips of several hours can quickly turn into a nerve-wracking experience. A relaxing holiday is actually much more important than you think. Today, there are plenty of rest stops that not only provide much-needed toilets, but are also a bit of a distraction. Many recreation areas are already equipped with playgrounds. It is also recommended to bring the necessary products from home so that during the break you can eat and drink exactly what you like.

In addition, there is no need to stand in line to sit down and eat later. If you bring your own food, you can have an outdoor picnic and the kids can safely let off steam in the playground after a long sitting. But above all, all passengers benefit from plenty of fresh air during the break. In general, everyone is happy to find a comfortable place to rest while eating, but it is when you sit in the car for a long time that you are rather happy that you can finally move. It is also very well done with a bun in hand. Having received a charge of vivacity, fresh air and a good portion of physical exercises in your luggage, you can continue the journey.

Tip #3: Take the time to plan together

Children were able to get carried away with their favorite movie. The break allowed them to recuperate and train, and now it’s time to share a moment during the car ride. A little cooperative play is the solution.

There are a number of games that certainly belong to an almost bygone era, but have not lost their appeal and charm. Who does not know the game “Packing the suitcase”? A game that has accompanied many generations and has always brought a lot of variety and fun. To play this game, all you need is a little imagination and a certain amount of memory. The player starts by saying, “I’m packing my suitcase and getting a pair of shoes.” Then the next player must repeat this sentence and in turn add a piece of luggage, i.e., for example: “I pack my suitcase, take a pair of shoes and a radio.” Here you can already see that the suitcase does not automatically contain classic luggage, perhaps someone will also want to take their hamster with them. What is decisive is always to keep the order of the things mentioned. The more luggage, the more capacity. No matter how old this game is, it’s still fun and keeps boredom away.

Another game that has also been used by many generations to relieve boredom during long car trips is the following game: “I see what you do not see, and this (here we call color)”. This game is simple, uncomplicated and also successfully defeats boredom. The passenger says, for example: “I see something that you do not see, and it is red.” The other players then have to guess what it is. Perhaps it was an orange car that had just been overtaken, but is still clearly visible? Or is it a panel, tail light or something else entirely? There are many possibilities here. Apart from a little attention and observation, nothing else is needed for this game.

Tip #4: Now is the time to relax

So far, the trip has not been boring at all. First we watched a good movie, then we got stronger and worked out in the fresh air, and finally we played together. In fact, the car ride has been quite an experience so far. But at some point, it’s time to take a break. The same is true at home. Finally, we can turn on quiet music in the car and look out the window, relax and let our thoughts wander. Children really need to rest from time to time, and the driver will be pleased to know that everything is calm in the car. It also helps pass the time until the next break or the finish line.

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