30 ugliest dogs in the world

An ugly dog ​​has a special, even atypical physique, but this does not prevent him from being charming and affectionate. How to find out his race?

Oddly hairy or hybrid malformed dogs

Photos of a large wicker thick-haired dog in the garden.Photos of a large wicker thick-haired dog in the garden. 1 credit

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1. Komondor

This big, long-haired, ugly dog ​​looks like mop. Indeed, his curly white locks fall to the ground, exposing only his muzzle and sometimes his tongue when he is happy. Small pets can have a heart attack when they encounter this ugly, stocky dog. It was created for the competition of the ugliest dogs in the world.

2. Bergamasco shepherd

The long, wavy strands of this ugly breed of dog invade his body, not his head. In addition to its goat hair, the Bergamo Sheepdog impresses with the size of its muzzle, which corresponds to the length of its skull. Its triangular ears are semi-pendulous. This is one of the images of animals that we see less frequently every day.

3. Bullets

Shepherd of Hungarian origin long locks cords hiding his eyes. His dreadlocks are not the only thing that sets him apart from others. This ugly dog ​​impresses with its rather square body shape. Bullets are a cheerful dog breed that can compete in an ugly dog ​​contest.

4. Little lion

Lövchen, with his lion’s mane, looks more ridiculous than majestic. Even though he is a vigilant dog, it is difficult for a leuchen to intimidate robbers. Rest assured, its small size does not affect its health and reliability. Even when young, this ugly dog ​​looks old.

5. Mi-Ki

Crossbreeding of various breeds, including butterfly, gave Mi-ki. The growth of this ugly dog ​​barely reaches 25 cm. This breed of dogs of that breed has long hair that falls on the shoulders, a fluffy tail. You will be entitled to his sullen face without hugs. Indeed, Mi-ki has an affectionate nature.

6. Bull Terrier

Beautiful ? Probably no. Loving? Definitely. bull terrier face hamster with a Roman nose. This gladiator, appreciated by most of the French, is certainly muscular, but his small, Chinese-style eyes make him not very intimidating. Yes, he has a chance to win the ugly animal contest.

7. Bedlington Terrier

This race is more like lamb than a dog. Don’t let the pear-shaped head fool you. This animal catches up with the thief in record time thanks to its muscular body. The French love it.

8. Norwegian Lundehund

If he is the least bizarre on the list of ugly animals, then the Norwegian Lundehund surprises with his face. Fox. His wary gaze may make you uncomfortable, but his thick coat makes you want to pet him. His moderately drawn eyes give him a Chinese look.

9 Portuguese Water Dog

suchsheep, this breed of dog stands out for its curly coat covering the body, especially the chest, rounded head and tail. The height of the ugly dog ​​emphasizes its developed musculature. A water dog of Portuguese origin has an atypical character and appearance that leaves no one indifferent.

Ugly dogs with short or tall legs

The face of a long-legged white-brown Russian greyhound.The face of a long-legged white-brown Russian greyhound. 1 credit

10 Basset Hound

This cute, ugly dog ​​with short legs and a sad face often appears in feature films. outragedhis clumsy pace and with its elongated body, the basset hound is distinguished by its huge hanging ears. His forehead is marked with several wrinkles, and his body is covered with small wrinkles. In terms of health, he is in great shape!

11. Nora Dandy Dinmont

This dog is not only funny with its small stature, but thanks to its short legs, it seems that it has an elongated body. If his hair is of medium length, then the one that covers his head looks like a helmet.

12. Skye Terrier

Friendly nature, this breed of Scottish origin has an elongated body and short legs giving it the appearance of a caterpillar. The developed muscles of the Skye Terrier are masked by long and semi-long hair with a rough look. Her long bangs tend to hide her eyes.

13. Dachshund

Do you like furballs? Dachshund is not alone. Its special silhouette is marked long body, impressive chest and short legs. His ugly long face and floppy ears give him a sad look. Even more amazing? This breed is good for hunting.

14. Greyhound

The Russian greyhound has a large, furry body, long thin legs, but a strangely narrow head. His hair is more visible at the back of his head. Almond-shaped eyes make her face even more slender. Its height can reach 85 cm. The French love to walk with this ugly dog.

15. Saluki

Persian Greyhound is impressive disproportionate growth their slender legs. If it has a short coat, this dog has a fluffy tail. Its small triangular head with an elongated muzzle is protected by long, shaggy, drooping ears. There’s only one word for him: strange. The Saluki won’t win the World’s Ugliest Dog Cup.

16. Slougs

The Arabian Greyhound has the body of a kangaroo, moving on all four legs, but instead of a rounded back, it has a developed chest. His long legs do not go unnoticed, the same applies to his flat and wide skull. This ugly shorthaired dog has the cutest look for you.

17. Italian Greyhound

Another ugly breed of dog, bewitching with the endless height of its slender legs and impressive chest. The term “small” seems inappropriate for such a slender body. The head of this animal, on the contrary, is flattened with an elongated snout. Step back a little to get a full photo of this ugly dog, otherwise you risk forgetting his face.

18. Xoloitzcuintli

The Xolo can be hairless (of Mexican descent) or shorthaired. This funny primitive dog looks like pygmy horse due to his height, skin color, and wild-looking face. The erect and pointed ears of the animal remind us that this is indeed an unusual dog. His solitary nature does not prevent him from enjoying the company of other animals.

Ugly dogs with wrinkles or aged faces

Lop-eared dog dressed in red cloth with white fur.Lop-eared dog dressed in red cloth with white fur. 1 credit

19. Sharpei

The folds covering the Shar Pei’s body give it a unique and sad look. His eyes are barely visible, but that doesn’t stop him from being great. hunting dog. This ugly breed of dog with a strong body and a short but soft-touch coat loves children.

20. Pug or pug

The pug has a funny face and loves to move. This dog has a flattened muzzle, an unremarkable muzzle merging with the folds of the muzzle, and wide-set large pleading eyes. This little one great dane has a round and wide head, which supports hanging ears in black. Pug, do you like it?

21. Brussels Griffon

This ugly dog ​​in the form of a small grumpy old man with his small size, slightly wavy tousled hair and large, well-set eyes. The appearance of the Brussels Griffon resembles that of a gremlin, except that your companion has a tail and uses its four legs to move around the catwalk of an ugly old dog show.

22. Affenpinscher

This ugly dog ​​with a sullen expression looks like a small sign. Its coarse coat does not soften its appearance, but the thickness of its coat makes it quite funny. His cousins ​​should be wary of his small size, this funny dog ​​is strong.

23. Japanese Spaniel

If a Japanese Spaniel’s long hair is silky and makes you want to cuddle it, its face will leave you bewildered. His prominent forehead seems to take up half of his compressed face, and his eyes are set wide apart. The Japanese Spaniel looks like it’s been punched in the face. Ugly? Sure, but lovers of the world’s ugliest dog love it.

24. Pekingese

This dog breed of Chinese origin has a very small size, a very furry, rounded head, and floppy, fringed ears attached to the skull. The dog’s face lookscompressedthat you will get the impression that he is in pain, but his physical characteristics do not affect his health in any way.

25. Miniature Schnauzer

This breed is easily recognizable by its square build, straight neck, always alert, and well-groomed thick beard. This ugly terrier-type dog also has large drooping eyebrows, giving it a rather funny and old look.

Hairless or colossal ugly dogs

The bulldog sleeps on the ground.The bulldog sleeps on the ground. Credit: Marcelo-Kaneshira

26. Chinese Crested Dog

The only hairy parts of this ugly dog ​​are the head, lower legs and tail. What area to caress? You decide ! This breed has a rounded and elongated skull, which gives it elegant. Its muzzle is narrowed, but not pointed. Feel free to decorate his comb beautifully!

27. Peruvian hairless dog

A small comb on the head of a hairless dog is the only place covered with hair on its body. Not only does he have incomplete teeth, this ugly dog ​​is also a victim of alopecia. Not interested ? However, he will follow you everywhere, because this dog has an affectionate nature. Her slender body protects her little world!

28. Miniature Poodle

The poodle is very popular, but not all French people appreciate it. Its long neck, thin muzzle, and high-maintenance coat can be annoying. A rounded crest prevails on the forehead of the animal, and hanging ears with long curly hair on the sides. This ugly medium sized dog has a funny appearance.

29. Dogue de Bordeaux

This dogmassivein a stocky image, it strikes with its sad and tender look. Despite his appearance, he is not at all evil. His muscular build is characterized by a broad back, developed chest and curved ribs. Its large head is well filled with symmetrical wrinkles, oval eyes and an imposing mouth. This ugly dog ​​has a cute personality.

30. Bulldog

The French Bulldog and his angry look is a real eye-catcher on the catwalk of the world’s ugliest animals. Her soft lines, pleading eyes and downcast mouth fill the surface of her ugly face very well. His head is just a detail, the bulldog’s physical characteristics make him a legend in the ugly dog ​​competition.

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