3 best films to watch with the whole family in February holidays

Valiant from the producers of Ballerina, Hopper and the Hamster of Darkness, The King, an adventure film about a lion cub, or even White Snake inspired by Chinese legends… Here are 4 films designed for young viewers to discover in cinema in February .

“The Valiant” by Theodore Tee and Laurent Zeitoun

Young and old alike will be able to skip through the theaters to discover Vaillantes, a funny, gentle and addictive film with the voices of Alice Paul, Vincent Cassel, Valerie Lemercier, Claudia Tagbo and Elie Sémoun. Signed by Theodore Tee and Laurent Zeitoun, co-producer of Ballerina, this animated film follows the adventures of Georgia, a cheerful and courageous young woman who has only one dream – to become a firefighter. From a young age, she trained with the help of her dog Amber in hopes of one day donning a uniform.

Alas, in 1932 in the state of New York (USA), women were not allowed to practice this profession. But nothing discourages her. As firefighters disappear into mysterious fires at Broadway theaters, his father, Sean, returns to duty and hires rookie firefighters to shed light on the case and stop the arsonist.

Determined to prove herself and follow her dreams, even if it means taking risks, Georgia decides to disguise herself as a man and manages to join the team. This colorful and detailed feature film filled with jazz tunes, dedicated to father-daughter relationships and the fight against gender stereotypes, will warm hearts this winter.

“Vaillante” by Theodore Thy and Laurent Zeitoun (1:33) in theaters on 2 February.

“The Hopper and the Hamster of Darkness” by Ben Stassen and Benjamin Musket

Epic adventure. Hopper and the Dark Hamster, directed by Ben Stassen and Benjamin Muschke, takes viewers to the heart of the Feathered kingdom, where young Hopper Chickenson, King Arthur’s adopted son, is a famous and loving rabbit. Gifted with bunny ears and chicken feet, Hopper, like his father, is adventurous, but somewhat outspoken and clumsy, for which he is teased.

When Harold, King Arthur’s brother, tries to capture the Hamster’s Scepter of Darkness and thus overthrow his brother, the hero decides to go after him to thwart him and at the same time show the world that he is a true explorer. Accompanying him on this mission are Archie, a defeated and skeptical turtle with a shell twice its size, and Meg, a martial arts skunk who is naturally armed with deadly weapons to scare off his opponents. ..

Sweet and hilarious, this shocking trio must traverse quicksand or even face an army of square pigs. Lively, entertaining and interspersed with many jokes, Hopper and the Dark Hamster is a very good animated film with a slick design that also conveys a strong and universal message. Because this epic will be, above all, an opportunity for the badly feeling hero to learn to accept himself for who he is and to understand one essential thing: what makes us different also makes us exceptional.

“The Hopper and the Hamster of Darkness” by Ben Stassen, Benjamin Musket (1:30) in theaters February 16th.

“King” by David Moreau

Another film not to be missed to enjoy family time: The King directed by David Moreau, to whom we owe 20 Years Apart and most recently Alone. This feature film is about a lion cub destined for human trafficking. While at Orly airport, the animal, described as a wild and dangerous beast, manages to escape before finding a new family. He takes refuge in the house of Ines, a young, brave girl with a strong character, and her brother Alex, a young man seeking popularity and a little less reckless, but does not intend to let her sister go alone.

Two teenagers living with their mother-in-law and father after their mother’s death are played respectively by Lou Lambrecht (“Daddy or Mommy”) and Leo Lorleac (from the series “Sam” and “Quads”). The adventure begins when two young heroes decide to bring a lion cub named King back to his family… Africa. But this mission, which will allow Ines to finally feel alive, will not be easy, because the customs officers are determined to get the animal into their hands.

Luckily, they can count on their grandfather, Max, a man as mysterious as he is benevolent, played by actor Gerard Darmon. Thibaut de Montalembert. Clementine Burt and Arthus complete the cast of this touching film full of unexpected twists and turns.

“King” by David Moreau (1:40) in theaters on February 16th.

“White Snake” by Amp Wong and Ji Zhao

Chinese animation films have shown their vivacity and impressive investment in 3D. If Netflix subscribers were able to discover a great Journey to the Moon or The Next Generation, the streaming platform also highlighted The Green Snake and its tribute to Middle Kingdom action movies. However, Green Snake is nothing but a sequel to White Snake, which just hit theaters on February 9th. A feature film that far surpasses its sequel, offering visual poetry and aerial combat with millimeter choreography just like a ballet.

We then dive into ancient China, populated by legends and deities, to witness the love story between a fearless young adventure-seeking fisherman, Xuan, and a young woman with mysterious but amnesiac powers, Blanca. Pursued by creatures from Asian tales, Blanca will embark on an odyssey punctuated by epic and twisted battles. Fans of Chinese cinema will be able to rediscover the elegance of Tiger and Dragon (2000), Three Kingdoms (2008), and young viewers (including teenagers) will be able to discover an exotic and more mature story that smacks of tribute in certain respects. some Snow Queen.

“White Snake” by Amp Wong and Ji Zhao (1:38) is already in theaters.

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