20 photos of hamsters that are real love faces

Hamsters are charming woolballs that delight their loved ones every day. Here is a selection of photos highlighting their natural charm.

“Everything small is cute,” goes the popular saying. This statement takes on full meaning when it comes to hamsters. These mini-creatures have not only silky fur, but also cute round cheeks.

Although you will want to hold them in your hands, it is worth remembering that hamsters are fragile. In addition to handling them with care and delicacy, it is necessary to respect their biological rhythms, in particular the periods of sleep and eating. By meeting all their needs and loving them deeply, you will make these rodents happy pets!

Here are 20 photos of hamsters that are real love faces…

1. The hamster is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand.

2. This rodent can squeeze into the tightest spaces. This one has found the perfect hiding place to grab a bite to eat in peace!

3. He has small feet with which he improves her toilet

4. His puffy cheek pouches allow him to collect, store and carry food

5. This picky eater also regrets not stocking up on enough food. heals to satisfy your sweet cravings!

6. After enjoying delicious food, they fell asleep against each other

7. These two rodents also love to share everything together!

8. This couple has found the perfect cozy nest for a romantic nap.

9. This hamster prefers to curl up with his loved one.

10. As for the latter, he set himself the task of checking whether the homework was done well.

11. Hamster is a lively and curious animal…

12. …who likes to stretch their legs and go on an adventure

13. He needs many accessories to meet their needs, in particular, to physically strain

14. And whoever says a rodent, says it is necessary to gnaw. Nothing likes branches so much, especially hazel

15. Need quality bedding like hemp, corn, flax, or even cellulose

16. This strong dream book decided to completely immerse himself in it in order to enjoy a good dream.

17. This rodent patiently waits for a sweet treat.

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18. Returning to the famous saying: “Everything that is small is cute”

19. Hamster Offers Pleasant Company

20. Sociable and affectionate, hamsters are real lovers.


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