100 best dad jokes

The game Dad Jokes or Dad Jokes is to read a short and funny story or riddle and whoever laughs first is the loser.

Dad jokes or dad jokes: how it works

Two people laugh after reading a joke about dad or a funny story on the Internet. Photo: Fizkes.

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dad is joking or dad jokes not necessarily related to father’s day. Although telling your father a funny story from time to time to make him laugh is also a good idea to strengthen your bond. Dad jokes are actually games that can be played with friends or family. Participants should be divided into two teams.

Each member of each team must face a member of the opposing team. Then two will tell jokes about dad, that is, a short story, a joke of black humor … Often in the form of a funny riddle. The player who first laughs at daddy’s jokes will lose. On the other hand, the rest of the group will have the right to laugh out loud! To make the game even more fun, the player may salivate while listening to the father’s jokes. Therefore, it is forbidden to laugh at the risk of getting everyone wet.

100 dad jokes that will impress the gallery

To have a good time with friends, there is nothing better than telling dad jokes, riddles and other funny stories. 1 credit

Here are some ideas for dad jokes. According to the ranking, these 100 jokes are among the best.

  1. joke with dad

Do you know why beluga whales are on the verge of extinction?
Because Bel does not have enough girls …

  1. joke with dad

What does the cat ask in the pharmacy?
Do you have tom syrup?

  1. joke with dad

What is the birthday of all cats?
It’s the middle of August…

  1. joke with dad

Where is Mozart hiding?
In the fridge because mozzarella…

  1. joke with dad

If you drink alcohol, you become an alcoholic. What if we drink rum?
We become romantics…

  1. joke with dad

What do you call hair that gets depressed?
Pubic hair…

  1. joke with dad

When an electrician dies, notify his family

  1. joke with dad

There is a guy on Le Bon Coin who wants to sell his SPA. But nobody is buying. Why ?
He wrote a spa for sale…

  1. joke with dad

What is the lightest fish?

  1. joke with dad

The giraffes are gone. Do you know how ?
It was installed “on the neck” …

  1. joke with dad

I know an owl, he pouts, and his wife is an owl…

  1. joke with dad

What is the name of my housekeeper?
Sarah Mass…

  1. joke with dad

The doctor announces to his patient: “I have bad and very bad news.”
“Tell me bad things first.”
“You have cancer”
“And the worst? »
“You have Alzheimer’s disease”
“Well… at least I don’t have cancer”…

  1. joke with dad

I joke about chemists but I never get any response…

  1. joke with dad

yesterday they called me
Well, it hurts.

  1. joke with dad

What is a hamster in space?

  1. joke with dad

Do you know why cops don’t have wrinkles?
Because they have smooth skin…

  1. joke with dad

What do you call dressing in the oven?
Red-tee …

  1. joke with dad

What is the name of a gnome who works at the post office?
Post dwarf…

  1. joke with dad

What do I risk if I download a movie without authorization in Guadeloupe?
To become a pirate of the Caribbean…

  1. joke with dad

What is the difference between boogers and broccoli?
Nobody eats broccoli!

  1. joke with dad

Two poops go to war. Along the way, they encounter Diarrhea, who asks them if she can come. Why do they refuse?
Because war is for tough guys.

  1. joke with dad

The devil’s advocate, he makes fucking guacamole!

  1. joke with dad

What is the difference between Jesus and the painting?
For painting, you only need a nail.

  1. joke with dad

What is the donut screaming about on the beach?
Hey, I’m going to eat a donut!

  1. joke with dad

Yesterday I told a joke in Auchan
She doesn’t own a supermarket…

  1. joke with dad

What is the cry of a 200 kg chicken?
PIU PIU (shouting)

  1. joke with dad

Do you know what I named my penis?
Bido. Because every time I go to the bathroom, I scooby…

  1. joke with dad

What is a glasses selling dog?

  1. joke with dad

What does a lemon say when he goes to the bank to rob him?
Not a highlight!

  1. joke with dad

What does the doctor say to the shrimp before the examination?
Decorate yourself!

  1. joke with dad

What is it with headphones?

  1. joke with dad

What happens to Pepito at midnight?

  1. joke with dad

What is the plural of coca?
Dumbbells. Cola, dumbbells.

  1. joke with dad

What does Frodo say in front of his house?
Here I am a hobbit.

  1. joke with dad

Can a chicken speak English?
Yes chicken!

  1. joke with dad

Which animal can read the future?
Crystal chicken…

  1. joke with dad

Why does a hunter take his gun to the toilet?
To flush the toilet…

  1. joke with dad

What does a guy say who wants to talk his wife into going camping?
Come on, let’s sleep, are you tempted?

  1. joke with dad

What is the name of the granny who scares the thieves?
grandma with a trailer


What does Jean-Claude Van Damme do when he gets into a car?
He is full contact.

A man and a dog in a boat. The dog farts, the man drowns. What is the breed of dog?


Do you know the joke about the bus driver?
Nope? I was in the back too…


Two sweets are walking down the street, and the cop calls out to them: “Your documents, please! »


Why are there no balloons in Questions to the Champion? »
Because Julien pierces them…


Why does Michael go to the door?
Because Jackson!


What is the coolest country in the world?


What is the difference between Tintin and Snowy?
Snowy, he doesn’t have a dog…


This is a pistol that meets a machine gun and says: “Have you been stuttering for a long time? “.


What is the name of a magician who does tricks with yogurt?
Fake white magic…


This is the story of a dwarf who has 26 children.
Well, short but effective…


What do you call a hearse driver?
Dead pilot…


This is the story of two soap operas that meet. One says to the other: “You’ve lost weight.” The other replies, “I took a bath.”


Who is fire’s best friend?


What is small, square and yellow?
Little yellow square…


What is a three-humped camel?
The camel that collided with itself…


Why not a steak?


In which country can you earn a lot of easy money?


This is a breakfast story, you know that?
Nope? Unsuccessfully.


Why do some cows close their eyes during milking?
For making condensed milk.


What do dinosaurs do when they can’t agree?


What is transparent and works in the field?
A bunch of windows…


What is a compass wand?
French toast.


In the sentence “The thief stole my grandmother” where is the subject?
In the taken * n …


I tried on Gad’s jacket and it fit…


One day God told Casto to row. And Castorama.


Mama Cloud and Baby Cloud are walking. Baby Cloud stops and says, “Mom, I want rain to be rain.”


Mr and Mrs Quapasselabarrier have a son, what’s his name?


Do you know the history of the wardrobe?
she’s not comfortable…


What are two toothbrushes doing on July 14th?
Toothpaste fire…


This is a story about a bull that runs and runs and gets meat.


Why are there so many tennis players in jail?
Because of the snowshoes…


What does a very stingy gentleman say to his children when he wants to please them?
If you’re good, tonight I’ll show you a picture of a child eating ice cream!


What is a duchess?
This is a shower without O


Two larvae fall into an apple.
Hey, I didn’t know you lived next door.


What is a prison that misses its escape?
Narrow recovery…


Why did mammoths disappear?
Because daddy is no more …


What is a demonstration of the blind?
Cannes Film Festival…


What syllable makes frogs smart?
Grrrrr… otherwise they would be noodles…


What is the empty shell singing about?
Siphon background background…


What do you call a red-haired midget nurse?
Little red ambulance…


Florent Pagny, a suspect in the bakery theft, denies.


Why is the pencil running?
Because the pencil…


Hello, do you have halal cereal?
Of course, and I also have tartines and toure jam…


Which princess always has chapped lips?

Sleeping wood labelello.


Why do the Portuguese wear gold chains?
To know where to stop when they shave.


Which star always asks for two ice cubes in her drink?

Michael Douglas


Who works 40 hours a week at the post office?
coffee machine


What is the opposite of a cat?


What are the names of the invisible parents?



One day God said, “Helen, you’re going to get lost.”

And Helen Segara…


What does NIOC NIOC do?
Duck talking on verlan


How does a nun make babies?


What do trees say when they go to a nightclub?

Which one am I going to connect?


The mother asks Simon:

What are you doing ?

– Nothing

– And your brother?

– He helps me!


What is an accountant?

He’s a jerk with a table.


What do a burnt pizza and a pregnant woman have in common?

In both cases, there is one who has not released it before


What do a burnt pizza and a pregnant woman have in common?

In both cases, there is one who has not released it before


– “You always contradict me, you look like my girlfriend!” »

– “You don’t have a girlfriend”
– “You see! You’re starting again!”


What is the difference between a ladder and a gun?
Ladder to go up and pistol to go down

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