10 Things You Didn’t Notice About Malcolm

How about we talk about the best sitcom in the history of TV by giving you a small list of little mistakes and hidden tricks in the series? Somehow you don’t have the ability to answer me with a clear “no” so I’ll keep writing and pretend you said “yes” otherwise it will completely ruin my top and my day on the same subject. If you don’t know Malcolm well, take the quiz.

1. One of the best episodes was written by an 11 year old girl.

The “If Boys Were Girls” episode, in which we see Lois envision her family life if she had only girls, is simply brilliant and remains one of the best on the show. Well, it was written by the daughter of an 11-year-old costume designer. She posted a two-page script that the creator liked, and she was credited as the screenwriter.

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2. You never know their last names

There is only one episode where we can see a Francis badge that says “Francis Wilkerson”, but a little later the creators corrected the situation by displaying on another badge “Francis Nolastnam” (Francis without a last name) a story that we understand that this is supposed to be, that we will never know their real name.

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3. Fake cigarettes

In one episode, Lois confiscates the children’s things and we see a fake brand of Morley cigarettes that actually appears in several other TV shows and movies, such as walking Dead as well as Psychosis. A kind of multiverse, but cigarettes.

4 We See Bernard The Hamster In Several Episodes

In an episode of the third season, Dewey frees the family hamster, allowing him to travel in his balloon to new horizons. In fact, we see him go through several other episodes at various times, even as far as Alaska, where Francis is. How does he survive on such little food? Mystery.

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5. Same universe as friends

Some serials furtively wink and Malcolm does it with a series Friends through a suicidal character to whom Phoebe sells ink. He appears in an episode of “Malcolm” where he says that his job is to sell printer ink and he is apparently still played by Jason Alexander (Seinfeld).

6. Dewey plays Gameboy without a game

He’s so cool he can play gameboy without even inserting the cartridge into the console. A little mistake that happens when the props don’t know enough about it, we’d let it go, but there’s another episode where Reese does the same thing.

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7 Craig’s Mom’s Nonsense Story

If you remember Craig, Lois’ co-worker completely in love, you may not remember that he constantly talks about his mother and gives different versions: in one episode he says that she died when he was a child, and in another that he just gave him my cat to keep. It’s unclear, but the character is cool, so forgive.

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8. Photo of Lois’ dad lounging around

In one of the episodes, we see a photo of Lois’s father in his youth, it is the actor playing Francis who poses in the photo with huge eyebrows. So far, no problems, except that a few seasons later we find out that Lois’ father is not her biological father, which greatly spoils her resemblance to Francis.

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9. We see team members multiple times.

Camera shadows, studio clips, and crew members may appear at several points in the series, it happens on set, it doesn’t matter. But there is a scene where we see a technician holding a bucket of water and the crew figured it out during filming but decided to leave it thinking people wouldn’t necessarily see it. So it’s kind of dumb because yes, we’ve seen it.

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10 Breaking Bad Was Hal’s Dream

In an alternate ending breaking Bad Hal can be seen waking up in a panic with Lois and telling her that he dreamed he was doing drugs with another guy. Lois pisses him off a bit and goes back to bed, which would be a good end to the show because Breaking Bad is so damn good.


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