10 things that prove you’re a real cartoon fan

It’s time for you to check how many points out of 10 you got… We know that you are definitely one of the fans of the Disney studio. The Lion King, Aladdin and all other famous games have always touched your heart! And we give you proof with these 10 points we bet you will find yourself in

1. You use cues in everyday life

© Walt Disney Pictures

It is impossible otherwise. Each of your sentences – or almost – is interspersed with a link to one of your favorite cartoons. “A little sticky, but appetizing” or “Jafar, I’m stuck” – the brightest lines will one day find their place in your discussions. Didn’t see or know.

2. You know all the lyrics of Disney songs by heart.

the lion-king-already-would-be-king-min


Whether it’s a blind test or a special Disney karaoke, this is not for you! No song can resist you and you absolutely know them all by heart at your fingertips. Do you know how we know it? Because you excel at quizzes Don’t forget words signed Seriously.

3. Your pet is named after a Disney character.

Mushu Mulan


Whether it’s your cat, your dog, your goldfish, your bird, or even your hamster, it’s safe to bet that it bears the name of one of your favorite characters as a tribute. Simba, Nala, Iago, Abu, Mushu… The list is long and the choice was so hard for you!

4. You have an annual park pass.


© Pixabay

It’s impossible to be a Disney fan without an annual courtesy visit to Disneyland Paris. In addition, we are even wondering if you are among those people who have an annual subscription to keep up to date with all the news. If you’re lucky, you’re also part of this little layer that traveled to Florida or Japan to visit other parks even more magical than the one in Paris!

#5- You can specify the release year of any feature film

snow white-2


The Lion King ? 1994! Mulan ? 1998! Snow White ? 1938! Can’t get you into this little game. Your knowledge of the Disney studios is so extensive that you know exactly what year a particular feature film was released. With loved ones, this is absolutely amazing quality!

disney_trivial pursuit


Needless to say, you are the best when it comes to launching a special Disney Trivial Pursuit game. Even the most difficult questions will not resist you. Of course, also because you’ve played it so many times that you’ve memorized more than one answer… ahem!

#7- You collect derived objects…

Disney derived objects

© Walt Disney Pictures

What would a real fan be without a few derived objects? Whether it’s soft toys, figurines, cups, pine trees or even clothes, you collect anything that directly or indirectly relates to your passion!

#8- …And I still own a videotape!


©Disney, ©Ebay

We see you! If you think that videocassettes are real collectibles today, we are sure that you have kept (or found) some of them. These relics from the past are proof that you’ve been a Disney fan since the beginning.

#9- Live action is not a problem for you



If anyone swears at live-action Disney adaptations, then you, on the contrary, love it when this great classic is rejected in this form. You may not always agree with the choices made by various productions, but it is always a certain pleasure to discover them!

10. You are such a big fan from the very beginning that you learned English with Disney.


© Disney, © Atlas Editions

Don’t lie to us, you’re not only a Disney fan, you’re a fan of the FIRST HOUR first and foremost! So much so that you also learned English from Disney books… Magical English, doesn’t that tell you, doesn’t it?

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