10 most watched movies on Netflix from June 13 to 19, 2022

Several platforms help users find what to watch and what streaming site the content is available on. As far as Netflix is ​​concerned, the best guide is the top 10 movies and series of the week. It’s based on hours watched and reflects Netflix’s commitment to being completely transparent about its audience’s movements. In the penultimate week of June, the streaming site confirmed the dominance of two feature films: a new sports film starring Adam Sandler and Joseph Kosinski’s dystopian thriller starring Chris Hemsworth.


1 Top of the Basket (2022) Number of views: 57 190 000

Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler), a former international basketball scout who has always faced the dilemma of work-life balance. After a difficult year in high-level basketball, he retired. Years later when he meets a young talent and decides to use him to return to the NBA.

LeBron James and Adam Sandler in particular are producing this movie which is associated with big names like Queen Lattifa, Ben Foster still played Robert Duvall. Several other NBA personalities play in the film’s production. Top of the basket has been released on Netflix since June 8, 2022 and marks the second appearance at the top of this ranking.

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2 spiders (2022) Number of views: 35,400,000

In the near future at Spiderhead Correctional Facility on the island, scientist Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth) tests psychedelics on inmates who agree to the experiment. Jeff has overdosed on a popular drug several times. The drug in question is capable of evoking romantic feelings. However, despite his doubts, his feelings for another prisoner, Lizzie, seem very real.

A hit with Netflix viewers, Joseph Kosinski’s film capitalizes on a slightly dystopian atmosphere as it tells the story of a special prison where inmates try to get their sentence mitigated by playing guinea pigs. The plot of the film is inspired by the short story Escape from Spiderhead George Saunders, published in 2010 by the American magazine New Yorker.

3 Hopper And The Dark Hamster (2022) Number of views: 23,750,000

The charismatic and courageous Rabbit Chicken is the adopted son of a famous adventurer hare and dreams of becoming an adventurer himself more than anything. Half rabbit, half chicken, he combines the best qualities of both animals. When his home is threatened, he embarks on an adventurous journey through incredible places to find an ancient artifact, the mysterious Dark Hamster.

The Ben Stassen film was released by Netflix in the US and other countries on June 10th. Visually sublime and packed with a compelling story, this adventure film pays homage to several big-screen sagas such as Indiana Jones, The Lion King and Star Wars. Many scenes are also dubbed as homage to this classic.

4 Break (2022) Number of views: 18 880 000

This never-before-seen documentary allegedly captured Jennifer Lopez midway through her 50s, her Super Bowl performance, and her recent Oscar campaign. The star of the planet talks about his long career, ups and downs, past and expectations for the future.

Directed by Amanda MicheliVegas baby), The hiatus begins with J.Lo’s 50th birthday. What’s amazing about this dive into the life of a superstar is how much we discover her commitment and her tenacity that allows her to have whatever she wants. The documentary also reveals Lopez’s connections with other stars such as Ben Affleck, Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga.

5 interceptors (2022) Number of views: 13 110 000

Captain J.J. Collins at a missile defense base confronts terrorists who have captured 16 nuclear missiles and aimed them at the United States. The ending of the film leaves many questions. After all, can JJ Collins stop the missiles? What will happen to the villain Alexander Kessel?

The Interceptor is a fast-paced action thriller that alternates social issues with contemporary political themes. However, the film relies heavily on a simple screenplay and action sequences, making it the perfect summer getaway for moviegoers. Given the film’s popularity on Netflix, it could pave the way for a franchise.

6 Totally Shocked (2022) Number of views: 12 960 000

When a young girl is captured by a crime lord, her parents, a corrupt businessman, and an ambitious socialite rush to rescue her. They only have one day to save her from the yoke of her kidnappers before the consequences become irreversible.

Crash is a South African crime thriller released on Netflix on June 16, 2022. The film is a giant puzzle game in which all actions have a boomerang effect. The story, which takes place in the context of modern South Africa, faced with constant violence, places high stakes in front of the protagonists, which should save their lives.

7. Trees of the World (2022) Number of views: 9 380 000

The story of the friendship of four women who hide in a basement during the Rwandan genocide.

Trees of the World is a film inspired by real events and tells the story of some survivors whose story borders on horror. In this drama, four women, brought together by fate, are hidden in a basement, safe from the mistreatment of Tutsis in Rwanda. Despite their different backgrounds, they must show solidarity in order to overcome the fear, mistrust and horror that reigns outside.

8 Sonic the Hedgehog (2019) Number of views: 4,570,000

Sonic is a wild anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with super-fast abilities. An animal thrown onto the ground becomes the target of a government that wants to capture it. Sheriff Tom Wachowski from the small town of Green Hills decides to go to San Francisco to help Sonic in his fight against the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

Sonic is a mixture of live action and computer-animated character scenes. Before its success at the box office and on Netflix, you should know that this isn’t the first time the blue hedgehog has been in theaters outside of its original game. In addition to the game, the character appeared in the animated series Sonic the Hedgehogreleased in 1993 and in the feature film Wreck-It Ralph (2012).

9 The Perfect Couple (2022) Number of views: 4440000

Lola Alvarez (Victoria Justice) works for a wine company in Los Angeles. She quit her job hoping to start her own farm wine business in Australia. His first potential client is Vaughn Family Wines. But the latter do not seem particularly interested. To prove herself, Lola offers herself as a worker in the family’s livestock business. There she meets a calm and mysterious man, to whom she has to get closer.

Stripping away the complexity of the script, A Perfect Pairing offers the easy, digestible formula of the romantic comedy that Netflix streamers love. Added to this is the beautiful alchemy between Justice and Demos, which is timidly established and intensified throughout the film.

10 High School (2022) Number of views: 4,200,000

Rebel Wilson stars in a new Netflix original comedy as Stephanie Conway, a 37-year-old woman who wakes up from a 20-year coma and finds herself getting old. The year 2002 is long gone, and she no longer claims to be the queen of the ball, and the life of her dreams has remained only a memory. Despite this, she decides to return to high school in an attempt to regain her status and catch up.

If this charming comedy has anything to teach us, it’s that our friends and idols help us cope with the pressures of life. Only human relationships can better get around the test of time. The film is deeply rooted in the late 90s and early 2000s, evokes nostalgia for the era, retro pop music and the passage of time.


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